Sunday, 29 April 2012

SUV Review Honda CR-V Features

SUV Review Honda CR-V Features

Honda CR-V compact SUV crosses which had been published since 1995. It has an excellent balance of style, versatility and comfort. Also contains high levels of security significantly. It is designed for the needs of sport utility vehicles. Model 2012 starts at $ 27,895 U.S., with an estimated 21 miles per gallon. It has a luxurious interior with integrated navigation system and Bluetooth hands-free link. light box tailgate to facilitate loading and unloading or other heavy objects. Special Edition CR-V offers 17-inch wheels and rear privacy glass for better driving experience. The HP 180, you can get all the power you need.

If desired, should, on the roof solar roof CR-V is good. Trophy for each seat, so that the drink is stored for each person. GPS included in the front house sound activated, so if rapid changes in the plan during the flight, remove the target type. Also, the GPS radio interface, so while listening to your favorite music, continue to visit your special place. also hold a joint media system now so if you have something in mind you want to hear, just take your iPod. Compatible with all iPod.

If your parallel parking skills are great, the CR-V you covered with a spy camera that supports you as a car behind you. You can increase the storage capacity of the CR-V, in any case, as the seats fold to create space for the item, and use the double-deck-cargo platform. Includes 12-volt power outlet, the upper and lower glove box to save more, and 60/40 split rear seat. CR-V can seat five comfortably, and rear-seat passengers enjoy their own air vents and not signed.

reflector halogen lamps shine in the way of variety, and the hydraulic side mirrors help in tight spaces. It comes in five colors: white taffeta, silver bottle, Glacier Metallic Black, Tango Red Pearl and brushed metal.

Estimated monthly payment is $ $ 409 - $ 526, and funding for 36 months. Near the gas "Maintenance Minder" meter system for checking how to run and let you know when they need attention in certain parts of the car. It is safer driving experience who travel a lot and want to promote luxury travel and more clean. This car is the best buy in recent months due to popularity.

If you want something soon, you might consider a new model in 2012, coming later this year. CR-V has a car with great success, began in 1955. Recommended for any driver, especially tourists.


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