Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mini SUV Reviews

Mini SUV Reviews

No wheel "MINI" - actually a small natural small SUV tires do! And in a small SUV.

The first time I see several areas of sailing, I have both taken to ensure that you read correctly. So, after I realized that I have read correctly, I decided to create my own research to determine if any type of rumor going on in the automotive industry.

In the first mini-SUV will be seen in the wheel, it does not look like all SUVs. I saw the picture, and it does not look like one! It has 102.2 - wheel is 5.1 inches longer than the usual hardcore 161.8 cm mini-general.

If you look at car sales when they have a mini fan or can not, be satisfied when you find the features that come with using a test drive:

A. Because of the limits set out in the van interior rooms on the things which are allowed to offer large potential customer base to try to short for the first time ... I think that's what you want to do.

Two. SUV style, both in normal and mini-car small tripod before. Something different is that the new SUV offering five extra inches of legroom for rear passengers or extra cargo space behind the rear seat - and you do not want leg room?

Three. railway station and the doors off lights in areas subject to marginal pleased that the mind of the driver and passengers. If you have a happy traveler, what else should I? A nice, because it is satisfied.

Fire. "Low" until SUV with 120 horsepower - and 1.6 liters. If you are the type that comes to cars that use more energy, the ability to select the 120-180 horsepower or engine power. Since the average weight of SUVs was significantly lower than other SUVs, or force the industry to meet the driver.

Because SUV includes front McPherson strut and multi link system in the past, SUV takes quite stable, and also quick reflex, although it is quite long and has a longer wheel. The courses will not be as good as the small version suitable for any small van, but still better than "qualified".

If you look at golf, you will discover that you have some special service. If you do not see the Mini, I will tell you - it's actually a lot: clock speed (about the size of supermarket product measures) in the dash and tachometer in the center column address .. And that's all. I think you can say that the plan is "aware", but if you think about it, the Mini seems to please everyone. If you would like, then you want. If you do not like them so do not worry.

I love the wheels inside and mini - Do you?


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