Sunday, 29 April 2012

SUV Reviews Chevrolet Captiva

SUV Reviews Chevrolet Captiva

The seven-seat SUV parts for the Chevrolet Captiva in high demand to remove the engine and engine power and performance. Available in attractive colors and muscle structure is very exciting for the audience.

Engine specifications and other

Captiva is a four cylinder 1991cc engine VCDi home. 2.0 liter diesel engine produces maximum power of 148 hp @ 4000 rpm and 320 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. New types of propulsion diesel made by VM Motori and GM and GMDAT only. Suspension is MacPherson strut both gas tube.

The pressure comes to fighting 197.00mm 1820.00 kg. front brakes are ventilated at the back post. The system has a five speed manual transmission and tire size 235/60 R17. Captiva size 4660mm long, 1870mm wide and 1755mm long.

system call is always behind the car, was chosen by electromagnetic coupling. It offers maximum appeal. ESP and ABS systems are also offered in Captiva cars safer and more convenient. Some of the work will be included in the vehicle, including hydraulic brake assist, land management and protection functions moved downward.

Design and style

Captiva SUV hat design and manufacturing company of automobiles. He was present in muscle and meat do all SUV favorite. If the truck is plastic moldings and side rail design in its appeal. six spoke wheels and wheel arches to look for his amazing climbing men. Tubeless tires. Chrome cylinder base and prism light shows that they expect good quality. turn signal indicator lights next repetition and give their side mirrors. system design tail lights are too high.

The driver's seat power is adjusted

Dashboard plan to clean and maintain console looks stylish and very good. construction quality in the cabin of strong and durable. It is made of high quality plastic. The second and third folding chair. Electric driver's seat shall be adjusted in eight ways. All audio controls are located on the steering wheel itself. Climate control is also within comfortable driver.

Tips to keep your seat belts and key in a fire in one of the modern property. You can change the group based on the number of cars on the tour. There is no need to raise the tailgate glass open bar, and that the group whatever you choose.


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