Sunday, 29 April 2012

SUV Reviews Infiniti's EX35

SUV Reviews Infiniti's EX35

If you are interested in an SUV, but you do not want to sacrifice when it comes to style and performance, so check EX35. What a lot of smooth and finely polished smooth curve while the interior is elegant. The above provides many tools such as hard disk to store all your favorite songs. EX35 is enough space for five years. Buyers can choose between two versions available: basic and Safari. When it comes to looks, the car immediately recognized as the attractive curves Infiniti and Infiniti brand on the grill.

Let's see the power of the engine under the hood. There are more than strong enough to appreciate the power of the 3.5 liter six cylinder with 297 hp. The gas mileage of 17 mpg city and 24 mpg on the highway. It's easy to speed, drive a little on the pedal, and how fast it was. Performance and handling are excellent, the SUV that the corner with ease and comfort. supply system comes with seven gears.

Infiniti luxury brand since the EX35 cabin to an elegant and stylish does not expect to be disappointed in this respect. Optional adapters including sweet harmony that personal music players, and even behind the camera helps to reduce or prevent accidents when backing up. Choose a more luxurious ride and have to change the navigation bar above. Examiner said the cargo space can be increased slightly for the class 18.6 cubic feet.

Tell explore different security systems. One of the high bid package only Infiniti Around View Monitor. It really gives the above screen, almost like a bird's perspective. This will help to alleviate tight parking spaces across much easier. Signs include a comprehensive system of safety airbags, ABS, dynamic management and attraction of the manager. If the upgrade version of the holiday and enjoy the additional security technologies, such as forward collision warning, if you know if a collision with another object.

Infiniti is the luxury brand for the EX35, which is something different. If you wish to travel in style and implement the most important thing for you, so it could be a good choice. In addition, the device offers several advanced features such as cameras and a clear view of the above. EX35 luxury inner strength, high-tech and performance features. Prices start from U.S. $ 32 000, which is big business for the premium SUV market.


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