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SUV Safety Features

SUV Safety Features

Many people wonder SUV safety. In general, expression of the opinion that the SUVs are safer than other cars. But there are many examples where this has not happened. This is an example where the position taken on the mfanowe SUV vehicles leading to transfer, or the contrary is very different in size and shape.

It is also based on weight, not safety related. I often hear people say, the SUV survived only because it is heavy. However, it is generally accepted by those who know a thing or two about car safety in the city's history as other factors involved. Weight will be distributed as the total gross weight for a while.

Institute for Highway Safety indicates that vehicles less than 2,500 pounds and several types of vehicle collisions million deaths of more than 4,500 pounds.

If you see more SUVs on the road today, it is very likely within the category of more than 4000 kg weight.

This applies to cars as Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Aviator, Chevrolet Suburban, Yukon Tenali, Cadillac Escalade, and of course, the BMW X5. There are others in this category include Land Rover Rover set. Will it become a surprise as the car functions as well as wheel-drive system with a big engine but will try to amounts of more than four-door car.

Of course, most people buy SUVs because they need to carry seven or more passengers, including the weight of the vehicle will be deferred to 9000 pounds. A number of weaknesses truck ownership is that most of them will have bad test results and is also subject to high transition. Risk in general is provided by taxis and handling reputation. This is one reason why I like BMW SUV and SUV order.

In general, designed to perform better than U.S. counterparts on the way.

After buying an SUV for the most important things to look for help to improve road safety features, including anti-lock brake control system, also known as the attraction of the slip. Dynamic Stability Control BMW Assist Honda calls Vehicle Stability demands that are included in the Honda Pilot and contact GM StabiliTrak.

The attraction of the four-wheel drive provides power to all four wheels, but usually not considered a safety feature more than what most people say that contributing to the generation of bad weather.

I'm more excited about the potential for trucks and stop, and avoid obstacles that I do them all. For example, all independent suspension SUV driving the car pulled out of any day of the week.

The security features in the last two people I think it is important not just any car seat belt pre-Pensioners SUVs the slack too quickly in an accident, of course, is standard on most cars today. Nor of course do not forget that air is required on all cars sold in the U.S., but since 1994, the front air bags sometimes just enough, so I recommend SUV that can affect the air bag side curtain airbags crime known or transition. Training to display for Highway Safety Office indicates that this type of air bags reduce the risk of death in addition to 45%.

SUV Review Playmobil 4878 Robo-Gangster

SUV Review Playmobil 4878 Robo-Gangster


The first thing that caught my attention in the modern style. As usual vehicles mafia thugs in every quarter of 4878 PLAYMOBIL SUV also Dr logo with the black hat bad.

It has large wheels and tires of the big yellow and black screen for off-road land. For defense and attack to drive a car bumper in front of the enemy, as well as four mini rocket launcher attached to the door. Just pop open the little plastic door and fire missiles.

Two characters that can be placed in front of the truck. All these figures come with PLAYMOBIL 4878 quarter brought the thugs helmets and uniforms. One of the characters also carry a gun that can be helpful to use when they reach the top agent of his enemies.

The main weapons are actually hidden on the roof of the truck. Slide the back cover and see the main arms extended. In fact it can trigger a rocket and satellite large. Once launched the missile launch a satellite into space.

Text only complete satellite earth back to its original position in the truck and then throw in the ceiling. Now back to normal looking SUV again.

4878 PLAYMOBIL additional

Now let us see the ability to remote control. In May 4856 Compact RC Module can improve truck Playmobil sets. Follow package instructions when connecting the remote control. It is a very simple technique that anyone can set up.

After all static can now manage many SUV you want. There are three different speed you choose, fast, medium and slow.

The operating system is very simple, even for young children that 4856 will be a big rudder control is about what makes the experience more interactive.

Bell update requires 4 AA batteries, but it's worth just to see everything PLAYMOBIL 4878 Quarter thugs own SUV.

Another thing you can do to make the game more fun by adding SUV PLAYMOBIL 4879 House Detective Agency, was launched in September 2012 and is something I think is also very popular with our fans and supporters who just spies PLAYMOBIL.

The set has a small camera that can be put in the car so you can see in their own Playmobil toys. The best agents want to use the fan with remote control and improvement, driving to spy on people.

The remote control camera attached and incorporated Robo truck now controls more than one field of view. You can stay in one room and remote control and video display and driving around in a totally different! How cold is it?

PLAYMOBIL 4879 camera package comes with a USB connection,, high resolution video and taxi.

SUV Reviews Hyundai Ix35

SUV Reviews Hyundai Ix35



Plus power and international contemporary funky cheap turbo diesel engine, including a six-speed automatic transmission as well as an improvement over an equivalent amount of money.

Not good:

Hyundai SUV Ix35 game design and heavy enough to get petrol engine noise under hard acceleration. Also to be strong when they go in the wrong places

Say (O Muhammad)

Design and Engineering


that the fundamental issue for "floating sculpture" Hyundai and features people and events in February 2012. Make a list of the best compact SUV that can be bought. This is reinforced by a large hexagonal front grill so it is usually formed in the presence of Hyundai character. The tailgate is a feature called "mini-match '(Porsche 911 enthusiasts to get). Carverdict speech.

Not good:

Given that the size Ix35 "footprint" of Hyundai cars is trivial - the end of the spectrum between 1.6 and 1.8 tonnes compared to the Winner family of midsize SUV and found that the average weight of certain creatures). There are body color front grille on the bridge "active" and the results (to our eyes) see that the gray version number of senior and middle classes.

Interior and style


funky four-wheel pattern and said that the driver's seat has six-way power adjustment (except for the degree of organic input level). The chair is a small place, and provides good visibility forward. The rear seat to provide adequate height and has a center arm down time with a good cup size. Hyundai Ix35 cabin storage space for the large family car back seat to increase cargo space distribution of about 600 liters more than 1400 L! Panorama glass roof, usually on the bridge Highlander, creating a good feeling to the inside of the cargo.

Before October 2012 Hyundai Ix35 not used to adjust the tilt wheel (above and below), but (in and out). Not now, thanks for doing the same now. Ix35 various 2012 also receive additional materials to reduce acoustic noise damping on the road.

Not good:

It is disappointing that the plastic properties of the board wanted. Rear legroom is adequate space for the feet to travel, but not as large as expected. along the line of high volume window, which means keeping the point of street children.



Medium entry level gasoline engine active noise 2.0L 122kW of power (and 197Nm of torque) and less when accelerating hard in any case they have forgotten - the front wheel and the other units lighter than Ix35 AWD. Mid-specification 2.4-liter fuel benefit significantly torque (227Nm), yet the sound of engines, lighter than the Turbo Diesel 2.0L producing 135kw of power and 392Nm of torque loss.

Not good:

2.4L gasoline engine, large drum, in the real world, however, was present at all speeds higher than the 2.0L. Yes, it's quite in order.

Ride and handling


Hyundai Ix35 tour provides the opportunity to be a great show only compact SUV on the road without fear of scratching the horn. Easy to move through traffic. Although the Highlander on the bridge, large 18-inch wheels, offers a comfortable journey.

Not good:

into the light, but by considering that this is sport, it is difficult to determine. Under hard acceleration, class can be turbo diesel torque steer through the steering wheel (not surprising in view of the drawing power of this engine).

keep attracting (for roads with high outside) in the quality of travel costs, while very good on the surface of a perfect trip in difficult to treat rough surfaces ..

From October 2012 electronic power steering has been modified to improve steering feel and ride quality all to add the AWD variants will now be able to prevent the CIA, as usual. We will let you know our thoughts are changing too fast, when you move up in this Run range.

Purchase and ownership


In fact, buying the best and good name. Ix35 also six speed and image quality automatically. This is a significant increase in the various competitors and four-speed transmission. security features that attract and airbags, antilock brakes 6, electronic brake force distribution, traction and stability control, brake control and Downhill Assist Control Hill Start. Also in October 2012 with the introduction of the support behind the park and across all types of taxes.

Not good:

Talk a lot about the petrol engine will be offered only two pairs of fuel economy. Although Turbo Diesel economy in better condition for a compact SUV, you're still surprised that the official figures fuel economy is similar to large diesel-powered seven-seat Hyundai Santa Fe

Bentley SUV 4x4 for 2014

Bentley SUV 4x4 for 2014

Historic luxury car manufacturer, Bentley Car Motor Company has always been on top of the British automotive engineering, and less and luxury car maker Rolls-Royce when it comes to luxury and design. Although Queen Elizabeth II both state limo "Bentley Carnage R" models of the same.

Even Bentley root "comes from the early years of senior engineering and technical skills development, including the start of the beautiful in the world of motor racing with a streak of victories and success in the famous Le Mans 24 hour race in France, five career victories are the most important time in the "10 years".

Bentley has always tried to push the envelope with the concerns of the vehicle and its aim is to provide quality luxury experience driving best as possible, so it was no surprise that Bentley announced to develop a new car to a luxurious new line up. The announcement comes ahead of the new Bentley Motors "Wolfgang Dürheimer" and confirming months of speculation that Bentley SUV 4x4, sometimes izinduliwe in 2014.

The luxury car brand owned by Volkswagen Group, is using technology from its parent and use the front frame SUV 4x4 Audi Q7. This step SUV market is the real purpose of spectral class and fill the gap in the current row.

Some luxury cars are now making of automotive prestige Marques SUV, but no rival Bentley plans to offer four-wheel vehicles Honor. There is also a good measure of economic that most of the luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors to enjoy the increase in car sales with all the new car market, as China, India, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates to name but a few. The new additions are sure that the signature Bentley received in the United States, which is another big market for Bentley car, in previous years, some car brands struggle, but it looks like a Bentley The trend in the market.

Bentley New SUV can be a new growth engine of the Audi V12 TDI is very powerful, consistent and honest Bentley Bentley SUV buyers around the world. If diesel is the most profit per average mile per gallon economy, but also means that some small choice of green as a unit of energy available for the 4x4.